Precision Nutrition

Photo Compare Feature

A new feature that allows coaches to compare past and present photos of their students. This allows coaches to get a better view into physical changes happening with their students. 

As product design lead, it was my responsibility to talk with stake holders, brainstorm, sketch/wireframe, and create polished designs that I could share with the team. 

*Note: For privacy concerns, I've replaced student photos with Emma Watson's.. 

Icon Set

Created cohesive icons to better communicate the various categories of curriculum while applying brand consistency. 


Design System

For brand consistency and general design polish, I started creating a design system that we could use throughout various apps, and marketing pieces. 

Private Projects

I have several major projects that are currently underway (and not ready to share with the world yet). The links below are private and need a password to view. 


UX Design, UI Design

UX Design, UI Design

Branding, UI Design